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Of course, there are services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and others but they are hugely Overpriced and not at an available range for every Anime lover. So, many started to incline on the ones which are available on the internet for free.

Some of the most prominent ones being Kiss Anime, 9Anime, Gogo Anime and Anime Heaven, etc.

Kiss Anime is on the list for a very long time, while 9Anime and Anime Heaven are comparatively new to the game, but doing a pretty good job.

But Everyone wants a consistent portable source to watch anime like an Application or a Program. But this not seemed to be possible because as popularity goes up you will face downtimes or anime removals due to copyright issues.

So deciding factor for creating a perfect Anime app would be to choose the perfect Anime Provider which should always be running and up. But there is another way to do this. And there begins the Idea of Anyme app

Anyme app – Best Anime streaming and downloading app

Anyme app is the best anime streaming app you will ever find on this planet (based on my experience).

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Why? Because unlike other Anime streaming apps Anyme app is not based on one single Anime provider. At the time of me writing this, there are 9 Anime Providers available on Anyme app.

Which means you can stream and download Anime from your preferred host without leaving the app. Which guarantees 100% uptime.

I hope everyone here is familiar with Anime Database My Anime List (MAL). For starters, MAL provides information about Anime and every other aspect regarding Anime. With a MAL account, you can track the progress of your Anime, add Anime to wishlist and rate them with ratings and reviews.

The bad news is that the Official MAL app client is not available for Android. But there is Good news, Anyme App has a built-in MAL in it, which you can use to update the progress in real time. Actually, Anyme app is built around MAL to provide with best Anime experience possible.

Features of Anyme App

Some of the important and main features of Anyme app. (there are so many!)

  • You get to watch anime at high-speed streaming rates with no downtime and AD-FREE
  • Download your favorite anime in the Highest quality available from your favorite source
  • Track your anime progress with synced MAL account
  • Cast anime to a bigger display using Chromecast
  • Add anime to wishlists to watch later, Categorize the anime with tags like
    • Watching
    • Plan to watch
    • Completed
  • Get anime recommendations from people who already watched them
  • Keep a track when your favorite anime episode or season is airing in the future with Anyme App Calendar
  • Change the look and feel of the app by customizing
    • App color theme
    • Navigation in grid or columns etc.
  • Search and navigate through anime based on your previous anime
  • You also can improve your MAL account by cleaning up the unrated anime

this is a short list of features of Anyme app.

How to Download and Setup the app

A Guide to using the App. Might be helpful for a smoother experience

  1. Download Anyme App from the link down Below
  2. Enable unknown sources in settings for installing the .apk file
  3. Open the downloaded file, click on install and wait for it to install
  4. Open Anyme App, You will see a MAL account login form
  5. Use your MyAnimeList account to log in to Anyme

You are done installing the app now! A quick tour of the App? You got it!

How to guide on Anyme App


  • watch anime under your Watching list or Plan to watch swipe left
  • access your account details click on the Hamburger icon on the top left corner and then on your profile pic
  • access the following, click on the Hamburger icon on the top left corner
    • Favorite anime
    • MAL profile Cleanup
    • Random anime
    • Anime Calendar
    • Anime Search
  • personalize the  app theme click on “Change the theme”
  • access settings click on the settings icon where you can customize  App Settings

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Download Anyme App

Click on the link below to download Anyme App.

Download App

Got any suggestions or Queries? Need Help relating to Anyme App? Comment down below! 😀 

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