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I started quite late to the hobby or culture of anime. I don’t even remember what I have done with my life to kill the time before I started anime. I am a vivid anime watcher (and a geek too) so I have seen many problems with anime streaming websites. When I say you will get the best anime here, trust me you will.

Disclaimer: I am not going to talk about Crunchyroll here.

Some criteria which a good anime site should accommodate

  • Good Servers for hosting the content (no downtime!)
  • Should have all of the popular and if possible non-popular anime titles
  • A good User interface (I prefer Minimalism with all the core features, ignoring all the bs)
  • No ads sorry, Fewer ADS and popups. Running servers need money, people. As if we are donating for their expenses.
  • Good Streaming quality.

That’s it. That’s what we need to make a good anime streaming website. But these following features take the satisfaction to next level.

  • Labeling the Sub, Dub, OVA’s and other specials.
  • Good search bar, which is easily accessible and auto correct really takes the cake (really how many of you know correct Japanese spelling for all of your anime titles?)
  • Accurate Play, Pause and other streaming options.
  • Different servers. (Backup!)

As we set some standards for our Anime websites, We will look at a few very good anime streaming sites.

Before anything, I would love to give a shout out to Anyme app for android. The best app for watching anime on your android device(sorry iPhone users) This app is developed by zunjae.

Believe it!

Some of the key features about this app are

  • You get to watch anime at high-speed streaming rates with no downtime and AD-FREE
  • Download your favorite anime in the Highest quality available from your favorite source
  • Track your anime progress with synced MAL account
  • Cast anime to a bigger display using Chromecast
  • Add anime to wishlists to watch later, Categorize the anime with tags like
    • Watching
    • Plan to watch
    • Completed
  • Get anime recommendations from people who already watched them
  • Keep a track when your favorite anime episode or season is airing in the future with Anyme App Calendar
  • Change the look and feel of the app by customizing
    • App color theme
    • Navigation in grid or columns etc.
  • Search and navigate through anime based on your previous anime
  • You also can Improve your MAL account by cleaning up the unrated anime

Know more and Download the app here: Anyme app

Note: These are my personal favorites, which I have used in the past or currently using. So I may not include all your favorites and some really good streaming sites out there. Feel free to comment down below! I will add them if they are good.

As we all know KissAnime is one of the largest Anime title repositories, Basically it has most of if not all of the anime you will ever get recommended. Very few sites come close to this gigantic number of anime titles. One such site is 9anime


Nothing to say about this one!

9anime has always been my top priority for streaming anime. I can surely say I have watched most of my anime in 9anime. The striking key features of this site are (can make a list on just this one, so mentioning important features only)

  • Very distinctive and responsive style of displaying anime.
  • Multiple servers, mostly 4+ servers to choose from. Some popular anime also has 6 servers.
  • THE AUTO-PLAY FEATURE. This one is a no-brainer for me, most nobly when binge watching a never-ending anime like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and others
  • Anime Calendar and scheduling. If you are pretty serious about your anime then this feature is for you. Visit the schedule
  • Ever updating Homepage with upcoming anime episodes.
  • A diverse range of genres. Both popular and non-popular.
  • Relatively better contact support for broken links, and requesting anime.

The list doesn’t here. When KissAnime(my first anime site) was on the verge of falling this really helped me.


Gogo anime
Just love the site!

This one is also a good alternative for KissAnime. I remember when KissAnime was on the server decline, they gave an announcement in which they said that GogoAnime is one other reliable source for streaming anime.

The way GogoAnime works is also like 9anime, with a slight difference in upload times. At least from what I have noticed, they upload 5-20 min later than 9anime (for people who rant on sites to turn the time a bit faster)

Apart from that GogoAnime and 9anime are like cousins with little to no disparities. They have a large number of selections when it comes to servers, for almost all anime episodes there are 7 servers to choose form.


The name says it all!

I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 on this site just prior to the writing of this article.

AnimeHeaven is just minimalistic in every way you see it. It’s really underrated for its quality. Which is one of the reasons I like it. Because when a site gets too popular, they tend to get negative attention which 9anime and KissAnime got in their past.

  • They have more than 8 servers from Europe and the United States.
  • No pop-ups from external video servers. They use their own customized player(which is cool BTW!)
  • Episodes choosing page is really simple and helpful for saving that extra time scrolling.
  • Has a dark theme which can really help your eyes from getting strained while watching in dark.

The only reason to put it in this position is because of their anime directory. One thing, their anime collection is not small (probably there are worse which has so much popularity) but you might not find some old and unpopular anime, but it has all new anime to offer.


I don’t need the Description in a blue box every time I visit it.

Masteranime is a really good site for streaming anime, the only flaw it has its organization. I am not saying its unorganized but to actually compete with top sites, you shouldn’t have a flaw with your design.

  • It is super fast and mostly video don’t buffer at all after starting.
  • Once you open an anime there are no distractions to watch all other episodes.

The problem I mentioned about this site is, unlike other sites they only show some of the ongoing anime and they also don’t showcase other anime in their sidebar (actually there’s no sidebar). Other than that its really good.

These are my top priorities for watching anime. I would also suggest some of the anime websites are constantly uploading new and quality content.

Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs
It hurts so good

If you’re into downloading your favorite anime like me then this is for you. If you have watched anime for long enough you might have heard about Horrible Subs. They provide subtitle to original rips from Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Overall Horrible Subs are best in the business. They use Torrent files to download batches or groups of files like a complete season or couple of seasons unlike other streaming sites which drives me crazy when I want to download an anime which is freaking long.

As they say,

so bad yet so good Horrible Subs Description


Funimation Now
They got licensing Issues.

I never got to try it even once, because of regional blocking which is enabled on the site due to licensing issues in my country. (My country and Anime don’t mix very well.😢)

But it is one of best alternatives if its available in your region. Just check by visiting the page.


Looks like pure gold to me.

This is another treasure I never got to try. When you visit this site you will be informed that this is only available for Australia and New Zealand (gotta recheck my future plans to abroad). But this is a legal and free Anime streaming site.

I don’t know how that do it but they do. Congrats for Australia on this one.

Some other good Anime Streaming Sites

you can’t go wrong with these couple of sites.

  • ChiaAnime
  • Ryuanime
  • AnimePahe



This was a legal anime streaming site until I hardly knew anything about anime. I watched One Punch Man on this site. All I remember was that its servers are extraordinary. Believe me, it even puts premium Crunchyroll to shame.

But due to licensing or some undisclosed reason they got shut down. 😢

btw Crunchyroll is a big option for those who want to legally watch anime but they are s— for so many reasons and it takes a whole new article.

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